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Drill Bit Sharpening

Norsmiths has a cutting-edge re-sharpening facility for drill bits located in kirkland lake. Our site, operated by local people, is the only such site in the region. Norsmiths can re-sharpen 1500+ drill bits effectively each day. Norsmiths has the ability to serve all local mines effectively, as well as all…

Product Sourcing

Supply chain issues commonly affect locations in Northern Ontario. Norsmith has decades of experience in the strategic sourcing of products & services, regardless of their category and/or originality. Our worldwide relationships with many potential manufacturers can often mitigate difficulties commonly experienced by our clients.

Mining Solutions

We value our ability to provide unique solutions that will deliver superior service & support through increased performance and reliability. Norsmiths value added solutions provide both economic benefits and superior satisfaction of our clients needs. Our past experience in Mining, Marketing and Management provides our clients a source of services…

Environmental Solutions

Monitoring and reporting on surface water and groundwater are critical components of environmental management and water resource protection.

Site Remidiation

Remediation refers to the process of addressing and mitigating environmental contamination or pollution to restore affected areas to a cleaner and safer condition.